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Good corporate governance is the key to a corporation’s sustainable success and creation of lasting value for shareholders and other stakeholders as a whole.

At KTL, we attach great importance to corporate governance and adopt an array of governance measures to manage the potential conflict of interests between us and our controlling shareholders, and to safeguard the interests of our shareholders:

  1. Our Independent Non-Executive Directors will review, at least on an annual basis, compliance and enforcement of the terms of the deed of non-competition;

  2. We will disclose any decisions on matters reviewed by our Independent Non-Executive Directors relating to compliance and enforcement of the deed of non-competition either through our annual report or by way of announcement;

  3. We will disclose in the corporate governance report of our annual report on how the terms of the deed of non-competition have been complied with and enforced; and

  4. In the event that any of our Directors and/or their respective associates has material interest in any matter to be deliberated by our Board in relation to compliance and enforcement of the deed of non-competition, he/she may not vote on the resolutions of our Board approving the matter and shall not be counted towards the quorum for the voting pursuant to the applicable provisions in the Articles of Association.

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