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Hifood Group’s management and operational decisions are made by the Board of Directors and a team of senior management.

The Board of Directors consists of six members, comprising two Executive Directors, one Non-Executive Director and three Independent Non-Executive Directors.

Each of our Directors is aware of his fiduciary duties as a Director of the Company, which requires, among other things, that he acts for the benefit and in the best interests of the Company and does not allow any conflict between his duties as a Director and his personal interests.

Dr. So Shu Fai (Chairman and Executive Director)
Mr. Tom Xie (Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director)
Mr. Chan Wai Dune (Non-executive Director)
Mr. Chung Wai Man (Independent Non-executive Director)
Mr. Yau Pak Yue (Independent Non-executive Director)
Mr. Ning Rui (Independent Non-executive Director)

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