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Our Design & Craftsmanship

The success of our products lies in our ability to continuously create and produce appealing designs referencing changing market trends and customer preferences, and develop innovative production techniques to facilitate quantity production of products bearing a variety of designs.

Our products are made with various kinds of precious metals and diamonds and gem stones with different specifications, with an aim to cater for a wider bandwidth of market demand.

Patented Design of “Diamonds in Snowflake” ( 冰花鑽 )

Inspired by the brilliancy exhibited by snowflakes, “Diamonds in Snowflake” (冰花鑽) is an innovative stone-setting technique involving the setting of diamonds in multiple layers. The round-shaped setting used in this technique encompasses two inward-tilted layers of diamonds. Parts of the setting between the surrounding diamonds in the outer rim are hand carved to create a reflection of light, thereby enlarging the area of such reflection and creating an appearance of one single diamond with a larger table size.

Our “Diamonds in Snowflake” (冰花鑽) design has been granted with design patents by both the Patents Registry of the Intellectual Property Department of Hong Kong and the State Intellectual Property Office of the PRC.






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